Monday, March 24, 2014

I lied. Update...

      So, I know I said I was going to do better at keeping my blog updated. Yeah, I said that in September and in the six months since then, I have spent several weeks in Florida, took a cruise to Hawaii (future blogging on that), geocaching/camping trip on Route 66 in Arizona, a trip to SoCal to see my friends one more time before I moved 2,700 miles across the country (unfortunately, this meant a divorce between my mom and step-dad, but we're all still friends, so that's good at least!). Oh, and we drove that distance for the move and tried to get in some site seeing in the process. I think it's fair to cut me some slack, cause I've been BUSY!

      Additionally, the two Train Wrecks are going on a 10-day cruise to the South Caribbean in two weeks. There will be 6 ports and I've never been to any of them, so I'm excited.  My theory is that we have two 'at-sea' days at the beginning of the cruise, and two at the end. 'Sea-days' make me crazy because I am bored to tears.  I just moved AWAY from Vegas, so I have no desire to gamble. Cruise ship Bingo is expensive, as is the spa, etc. etc. And one can endure only so much trivia. So, the intention is that I will spend those sea days parked on a deck chair catching up on some blogging, and maybe even get a little ahead.  We'll see.

     Mom and I decided to move back to my small hometown of Ocala, because unlike Las Vegas, you don't have to drive 5 hours in any direction to get anywhere. Ocala is right in the heart of Florida... literally you're an hour from the Atlantic and an hour from the gulf coast. We can set out in any direction in the morning and find all kinds of trouble to get in to!  Also, with three major cruise ports within reasonable driving distance, the money we no longer need to use on airfare can be applied on more trips and cruises!  Bonus!  

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